The Quran Asks 26-106

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The people of Nuh denied the messengers when their brother Nuh said to them, “Will you not guard (against evil)? (Al Quran, Surah Ash Shuara, Chapter 26: Verses 105-106)

The above verse shall be understood in context with the following verses:

26-105: The people of Nuh denied the messengers
26-106: when their brother Nuh said to them, “Will you not guard (against evil)?
26-107: I am certainly a trustworthy messenger to you,
26-108: so fear Allah and obey me,
26-109: and l do not ask you for any reward for it, my reward is with none but the Fosterer of the worlds,
26-110: so fear Allah and obey me.”
26-111: They said, “Shall we believe in you when the worst (people) follow you?”
26-112: He said, “And what knowledge do I have of what they do?
26-113: (The responsibility of taking) their account is on none but my Fosterer, if you (could only) realize.
26-114: And I am not (supposed) to drive away the believers,
26-115: I am nothing but a plain warner.”
26-116: They said, “If you do not desist, O Nuh! you will definitely be of those who are stoned (to death).”
26-117: He said, “My Fosterer! my people have certainly denied me, (P 18 ½)
26-118: so decide between me and them (by pronouncing) a judgment, and deliver me and those of the believers who are with me.”
26-119: So We delivered him and those with him, in the loaded ship.
26-120: Then after that We drowned those who remained behind.
26-121: There is certainly a sign in that, but the majority of them does not believe.
26-122: And your Fosterer, He is certainly the Mighty, the Merciful. (R 6)

Nuuh (PBH): name of a prophet who was sent to his people to warn them that they should worship only Allah (SWT) fearing Him and they should obey him. He tried all methods of inviting his people towards Allah (SWT) but they disobeyed him and got involved in idol worship, therefore those who disobeyed him were drowned (Chapter 71: Verses 1-28). Earlier Nuuh (PBH) was asked to build a ship in accordance with the communications of Allah (SWT) (Chapter 11: Verse 37). This was probably the first invention of mankind but under Divine guidance. Are all other inventions too under Divine guidance? When the water gushed forth Nuuh (PBH) was asked to take in his ship two of each pair, his people and the believers (Chapter 11: Verse 40) after the water receded the ship rested on Mount Judi (Chapter 11: Verse 44). The son of Nuuh (PBH) was not saved from drowning Chapter 11: Verses 42-46) and Nuuh’s (PBH) wife did not believe (Chapter 66: Verse 10). This shows that belief and consequent deeds have nothing to do with relationship. Nuuh (PBH) lived for 950 years (Chapter 29: Verse 14).

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