The Quran Asks 23-68


Do they not reflect on the word or has there come to them (something) which had not come to their ancient forefathers? (Al Quran, Surah Al Muminun, Chapter 23: Verse 68)

The above verse shall be read in context with the following verses:

23-69: Or are they not recognizing their messenger, (and) therefore they are rejecting him?
23-70: Or do they say he is possessed by jinn? No! he has come to them with the truth but most of them are haters of truth.
23-71: And had the truth followed their desires, then the skies and the earth and whoever (whatever) is therein would have surely been in disorder. No! We have given to them their reminder but they turn away from their reminder.
23-72: Or do you ask them for a recompense (for preaching)? Then the recompense of your Fosterer is the best and He is the Best of those who provide.
23-73 : And you are certainly inviting them to the straight path, (P 17 ¼)
23-74: but those who do not believe in the hereafter, they are certainly deviating from the path.

Summarized Commentary:
Verses 68-74: The Quran is not new, earlier similar Divine books were revealed and in these books mention was made about Prophet Muhammed (PBH) Chapter: 7 Verse 157 but they pretend as if they have not recognized him and say that he is possessed by a jinn. The infidels hate the Quran and turn away from this truth because it is against their desires. Had the truth been in accordance with their desires there would have been total chaos in the universe. Prophet Muhammed (PBH), who will be rewarded by Allah (SWT), invited people towards the straight path leading to paradise without any remuneration but the infidels deviate from this path and take the path leading towards hell.

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