The Quran Asks 10-03

Image: The energetic universe: The first eROSITA all-sky survey by Max Planck Society on

Your Fosterer is certainly Allah Who created the skies and the earth in six periods, then He set the balance on the throne (of the universe), directing the affair. No mediator (can recommend) without (obtaining) His permission. That is Allah your Fosterer, so serve Him. Will you not then mind? (Al Quran, Surah Younus, Chapter 10: Verse 3)

Summarized Commentary:
Some natural phenomena and truths are described as proofs to accept the existence and power of Allah (SWT). The purpose of creating the universe is clearly mentioned: Rewarding those who believe and do righteous works and punishing the infidels i.e, This life is just a continuous ‘TEST’ 67:2, 76:2. In addition to many functions they perform, the sun and the moon serve the purpose of a clock and calendar respectively.

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