Camels Allah’s Unique Creation

So do they not see towards the camel how it is created, and towards the sky how it is raised, and towards the mountains how they are rooted and towards the earth how it is spread? (Al Quran, C:88, V:17-22)

John Adiar in his wonderful book: “The Leadership of Muhammad (SAWS), Kogan Page, 2010” mentions the following about camels which is worth Reading & Reflecting:

Well, have you ever considered how the camel is made? In fact everything about the camel is designed to fit it for the relentless heat and aridity of Arabia. The eyes – to a non-Arab about the only beautiful feature – are double-lashed in a heavy fringe that screens out the stinging grains of sand in a sandstorm. The ears and nostrils can be closed up tight for the same purpose. The feet, disproportionately large at the bottom of skinny shins, are splayed and padded to move over sand without sinking.

As for eating, the camel’s tough lips can nibble at spiky thorns, and are so good at gathering food that it never has to lose precious moisture by sticking its tongue out. Indeed, camels will devour things that few other living creatures would look at twice – desert salt-bush or sun-baked acacia leaves. This ‘food’ is moved back and forth through four stomach chambers, which extract nourishment from the unlikeliest sources with very little waste. One result of this thorough processing is exceptionally dry dung, which burns beautifully when used as fuel for cooking a nomad dinner.

The camel’s most legendary feature is its minimal need for water. Although the dromedary (from the Greek dromas kamelos, running camel) does need watering in the hot summer it can survive on the moisture in vegetation in winter when a few inches of rain fall on the steppes. Unlike most animals that are poisoned if they do not urinate enough to expel waste urea, the camel can recycle much of its urea through the liver to make new protein, thereby keeping ahead on both food and water. (Pages 42-43)

Reflecting on the details shared by the author makes are realize the depth of the meaning of the verses quoted above, all one can say is “Allah Creates What He Wills” #AllahCreatesWhatHeWills

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