Why should we follow Ahadith?

The reason for following Ahadith or the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) or the answer to the above question is very simple, if one accepts the following facts from the Quran:

1- The first fact is an instruction of the Quran:

Say, “Obey Allah and the messenger.” But if they turn away, then Allah certainly does not like the infidels.(Chapter 3: Verse 32)

Similar message is also given in the following verses:

And obey Allah and His messenger and do not dispute lest you become weak hearted and your strength departs, and be patient, Allah is certainly with those who are patient. (Chapter 8: Verse 46)

And obey Allah and obey the messenger and be cautious, then if you turn away, know that (the duty incumbent) on Our messenger is only clear conveyance (of the message). (Chapter 5: Verse 92)

O you who believe ! obey Allah and obey the messenger and those who are in authority among you. And if you have a dispute in anything, then refer it to Allah (i.e. The Holy Quran) and the messenger (i.e. The Ahadith of Prophet Muhammed SAWS) if you are believers in Allah and the period hereafter. That is the best (practice) and (the result of such practice is) the best result. (Chapter 4: Verse 52)

…And take that which the messenger gives you and that which he withholds from you, you (too) withhold (yourselves from it), and fear Allah, Allah is certainly severe in requiting.. (Chapter 59: Verse 7)

2- The following verses mention that obeying the Sunnah of Prophet is Wisdom & the best example to be followed:

He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever is given wisdom then he is given abundant good, but none mind except those who have understanding. (Chapter 2: Verse 269)

The above verse talks about wisdom (Hikmah) being the abundant good in this world, so what is this wisdom?

The Quran describes wisdom in the following verse, while addressing the wifes of Prophet Muhammed (SAWS):

And remember that which is recited in your houses of the signs of Allah and the wisdom (its explanation by the messenger of Allah). Allah is certainly Subtilety Informed. (Chapter 33: Verse 34)

In the messenger of Allah, there is indeed a good example for you to follow, for him who expects (to meet) Allah and (the coming of) the period hereafter and remembers Allah much. (Chapter 33: Verse 21)

3- Allah SWT recorded these facts in the Quran that Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) did obey anything by his own will, as the following verses clarify:

…I do not follow anything except that which is communicated to me… (Chapter 6: Verse 50)

4- The following verse explains what is the purpose of Ahadith or the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (SAWS):

…And We sent down the reminder to you, that you may make clear to mankind that which is sent down to them and that they may reflect. (Chapter 16: Verse 44)

So the purpose of Ahadith is the explanation and implementation of the Quran.

5- The advantage of obeying Allah and His messenger and the disadvantage of not obeying them is given below:

Those are the limits of Allah so whoever obeys Allah and His messenger, He will make him to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow, for staying therein and that is a great achievement. And whoever disobeys Allah and His messenger and exceeds His limits, He will make him to enter the fire to stay therein, and for him is a disgraceful punishment. (Chapter 4: Verses 13-14)

The Quran was revealed for the Guidance of Human Beings and based on the above facts, Ahadith are the second source of Islamic Juresprudence (do’s and don’ts) and those who follow it are wise; may Allah guide us to the Straight Path (leading to Jannah) and protectively forgive our mistakes and save us from Hell fire.

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