The Quran Asks 02-259

Image by Wojciech Linert from Pixabay

Or (did you not consider one) like him who passed over a town which had fallen down on its roofs, he said, “”How will this be brought (back) to life by Allah after its death?”” So Allah caused him to remain in a state of death for hundred years then raised him (to life). (Allah) asked, “”How long did you stay (in the state of death)?”” He replied, “”I stayed for a day or part of a day.”” He said, “”No! you stayed for a hundred years, so look at your food and your drink, years did not pass over it, and look at your ass, and (We did all this), that We may make you a sign for the human beings, and look at the bones how We set them together then clothe them with flesh.”” So when it became clear to him, he said, “”I know that Allah has power over everything. (Al Quran, Surah Al Baqarah, Chapter 2: Verse 259)

Summarized Commentary:
“There is again a controversy about the person who had passed by the ruined town and of time will be a common experience 20:104, 23:113. This means that our resurrection is as far in time as our death because of this unconsciousness of time. The food and drink of the person did not show signs of decay, our deep freezes and cold storage systems should not make us wonder at this, the only difference is that Allah (SWT) can preserve things without means like cold storage, refrigerators etc. then finally the resurrection of his ass was demonstrated. This person who thus became a proof of life after death realized that Allah (SWT) has power over everything. the name of the town itself. He wondered how the dead would be raised to life. To demonstrate the process Allah (SWT) kept him deed for 100 years then brought him back to life but the person thought that he was in the state of death for a day or part of a day. This proves that during the state of death human beings lose consciousness of time just as in sleep. This unconsciousness”

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