The Quran Asks 02-246

Image by Devanath from Pixabay

Did you not consider the leaders from among the children of Israel after Musa, when they said to their prophet, “Raise for us a king (commander) that we may fight in the way of Allah.” (The prophet) said, “Is it not possible, that if fighting is prescribed on you, then you will not fight?” They said, “And what (reason) is there for us for not fighting in the way of Allah when we have been driven out of our homes with our children?” But when fighting was prescribed upon them, they turned back except a few among them and Allah knows the unjust. (Al Quran, Surah Al Baqarah, Chapter 2: Verse 246)

Summarized Commentary:
“The lessons we learn from this historic narration of Samuel (PBH) 11th Century B.C. is that for commanding an army one needs knowledge and physical strength and not wealth. Allah (SWT) gives authority to whom He pleases. It is reported that the box contained the original Torah, wooden staff of Musa (PBH) and some personal belonging of Haruun (PBH) The original Torah was definitely a source of peace for Bani Israel which they had lost and which was now returned to them. Sometimes the loyalty of the followers has to be tested and in this case, it was tested through a river. Permissible things are sometimes prohibited for conducting a test. In war patience and firmness are needed. The purpose of making pious people to wage wars against the wrong doers is to check corruption. If no one rises against evil then the earth would be full of corruption, therefore such conflicts should be considered as the Grace of Allah (SWT). Dawood (PBH) who killed the leader of the opponents was a Prophet whose son Sulaiman (PBH) was also a prophet. These are facts of history which Allah (SWT) informs us through prophet Muhammed (PBH) who was certainly one of His messengers.”

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