The Quran Asks 07-65


And to (the tribe of) Aad, (We had sent) their brother Hud. He said (to them), “O my people! serve Allah, you have no god other than Him, will you not then guard (against evil)?” (Al Quran, Surah Al A’raf, Chapter 7: Verse 65)

Summarized Commentary:
This verse is a part of several verses in Surah Al Araf describing different prophets being sent to different communities, such as, Nuh Alaihis Salam (Verses 59-64), Hud Alaihis Salam (Verses 65-72), Saleh Alaihis Salam (Verses 73-79), Lut Alaihis Salam (Verses 80-84) and Shuaib Alaihis Salam (Verses 85-93) who invited their people to serve (worship) Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala besides whom there is no god and to give up the evil they were involved in. Those who obeyed them were delivered and those who rejected them were punished through various natural calamities.

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